teaching giving learning

& Bank
a new way of living

tgl is for everyone

Imagine if you got paid to have fun by finding your talents and skills?

Well, by teaching, giving and learning you generate Local currency in the L Bank ...

Your Bank!

It's a new way to live making choices and collaborating based on our common values

get paid to tgl


share skills and knowledge


valuing your time


choose to 'learn-and-earn'

What's inside tgl?

tgl has 3 unique features which enable a New Way Of Living. Click to learn more.

L Bank

Your L-ocal Currency

The Barter Market

Your Home Page Map


Social-Cultural-Economic Networks

at the
of your Community

Use tgl tools to build a new way of life!

Sell, swap and barter locally using your time, skills, goods and services, and Local Currency

Local Skills

Local Trade

Local Banking

Local People

Local Media

Local Barter

Local HUBs

Local Maps

Local Searches

Local Crowd-Funding

How does it work?

Click the steps below to find out more

1 Open your L Bank account

Every tgl member gets an L Bank account

Opened with L50 to get you started!
Open L Bank Account
  • All members can choose to generate L-ocal currency
  • Simply choose a 4-digit PIN to activate your account

2 Earn L

Generate L as a Tutor, Student or Volunteer

Earn L
  • Earn L as you exchange goods, services, time and skills
  • Use L to 'discount for value' in the Barter Market

3 Spend L

Find offers, wants and barter deals on local maps

Spend L
Pay online - or by text
  • Trade combinations of time, know-how and currency in the tgl Barter Market
  • The more L's we recycle, the less £'s we need!

4 Post your Offers + Wants

Help to build your local Barter Market

My tgl
Post Offers
  • Add your Offers and Wants to local maps and searches
  • Use Mytgl to promote your Barter deals, showcase your interests, or add your company

Interested? How do I get started?

The new tgl system is in its beta testing phase. Please email peter@tglhubs.com with any issues you find.