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tgl's Barter Market uses your location to connect you with your local area. Privacy is very important and you control what appears on the map.

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For security reasons,  Co/Org accounts can only be registered by tgl members. Please join as an individual, then you can register your company.

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Charter and Terms

The tgl Charter is a pledge of honesty we ask all our members to agree to when they join the site.

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By accepting this charter and joining tglhubs.com, I pledge to:

  • Support and uphold the Vision, Values and Mission
  • Treat other people with the respect and honesty that I wish for myself
  • Provide support and guidance to other members whenever possible
  • Protect and care for the species and ecology of our planet
  • At all times foster the principles of social and economic justice
  • Actively support the principles of equality, non-violence and peace
  • Accept the right of the hub management to suspend or cancel my membership should I be in breach of this Charter

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