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tgl Village

The tgl Village is the digital home of the tgl community. It allows members to find and build a wide range of offers and services, which can then be linked across the site with tglHubs and tglTowns. Every member has access to all facilities of the Village and can select those which suit their needs.

The Village is divided into 5 areas, each focusing on a different aspect of community interaction. Please use the map below to explore the village and discover the range of services tgl provides.

tgl Village Areas
  • Shopping Village
  • Skills Exchange
  • Banking
  • Media Libraries
  • MYtgl

The Shopping Village is where goods and services can be sold or exchanged using a combination of alternative currencies and bartering alongside traditional payments.

The Skills Exchange rewards people who make a positive contribution to their local community. 'Learn-and-earn' pays both students and teachers for exchanging skills, whilst volunteers are paid for assisting people and projects.

Media Libraries is an interactive home for media produced by members. Our hope is that members help build an ever-expanding resource centre to develop and inspire new activities, projects and ideas.

MYtgl is tgl's social network. Every member has a MYtgl profile with a custom URL and the ability to design their own page. Members can also start a profile for their business (MYco/MYorg).

Banking lies at the heart of tgl and is the home of the L Bank, offering all the facilities of a High St. bank but on a debt-free basis.

  • support your local economy
  • buy local and save money
  • offer your goods and services
  • swap and barter
The Shopping Village has Shops, Services and SwapShop where members can buy, sell, barter or swap goods, services and skills using combinations of £'s + L's in the process. Essentially:
  • buyers can find L Bargains, save money and pay instantly on-line from their L Bank account
  • traders can build shops, offer their services and skills and manage their businesses on-line
  • full e-commerce systems are available with shopping baskets, shipping and payment systems
  • use your mobile phone to make payments to other members on-line or by SMS
  • owners of websites can install L-Pay to receive L payments from computer or mobile phone
  • other alternative banking and barter systems can link to our browser system - please contact us to discuss
  • swap shop increases ways and opportunities to find, barter for and swap goods or services
  • get paid to learn
  • get paid to teach
  • get paid to volunteer
The Skills Exchange provides 3 platforms where members can earn L:
  • Courses
    • find courses where you earn as a student
    • set-up a course, earn L as a tutor, display your curriculum and fees
  • Projects
    • search for projects and get paid L as part of a team while you create, collaborate and learn
    • use all the banking, communications and other platforms of tgl to support your progress
    • learn how to use L, alongside traditional currencies, to support and sustain your project
  • Volunteer
    • find volunteers able and willing to help you develop your ventures while you all get paid in L
    • get paid L by offering your time and skills so other members can find you to help them
    Media Libraries is where members can present multi-media content that they recommend or have produced:
    • help build an entertainment and research platform as an ever-expanding member resource
    • expand it as an evolving resource to inspire the activities, projects and blogs of the membership
    • upload and present video, audio, photo and literature content - self-produced or favourite links
    • post 'Blogs' for discussion and development
    • become a media producer
    • become a community reporter
    • produce shows and films
    • display your talents and ideas
    • have fun while you entertain
    • your own interactive T.V. station
    • Build your own homepage
    • Join tglHUBS to explore your interests
    • Unique web address for every member
    • Connect with your neighbourhood using tglTOWNS
    • tglmail
    • MyHUBS
    This is the tgl social network where:
    • you can find family, friends, businesses, clubs or other members based on their interests, talents, activities and location
    • your MYtgl public profile is produced automatically as you present your interests, talents, activities and offers across the site
    • build secure personal areas available only to the members that you enter in your 'friends' address book
    • use tglmail as your extranet mail system for secure, spam-free communications with other members
    • suggest improvements and functions to will assist you, your family, friends, business, projects and community
    • your own local Banking system
    • debt-free money in your life
    • usefulness grows with usage
    • L value grows with acceptability
    This is a platform to host alternative banking systems and L Bank is the first one to offer all the facilities of a High St. Bank on a debt-free basis
    Here, you can:
    • access your on-line banking services including statements, payments and standing orders
    • choose your 4-digit pin number for your L Bank card and to login to your account
    • add L-Pay to your website to enable L transfers within your e-commerce system
    • use your mobile phone to make payments to other members on-line or by SMS
    • other alternative banking and barter systems can link to our browser system - please contact us to discuss
    About L Currency
    The L Currency
    Alternative currencies are exactly what the name suggests, an alternative means to account for, enable and supplement exchanges of goods and services.
    Having regard to L:
    • L is debt-free because it is not lent into existence and is not repayable to the L Bank
    • its value comes because it is created by the choices of members to collaborate and learn
    • L50 is paid into the account of each member when they sign-up to tgl and accept the Charter
    • thereafter L is earned in the Skills Exchange by members choosing to teach, give or learn
    • any increase in supply and circulation of L is founded on the creative choices of the local people
    • when accepted in a community, it provides increased liquidity to boost local activities and trade
    • e.g. when traders accept 20% in L for goods, local prices reduce by 20% in conventional money. So, trade is attracted to local businesses and away from supermarkets and large businesses
    • as L increases in acceptability, traditional money stays in and supports the local economy
    • similarly, the cost of local public services can reduce in line with the % acceptable in L
    • local people can collaborate to deliver their own local services as projects for hands-on learning. Thus, L supports 'bottom-up' self-empowerment and hands-on, collaborative life-long learning

    We invite other alternative debt-free banking systems to join us and collaborate. We can provide a 'mirror' of our banking systems to extend the variety of alternatives that can operate within our 'Village' and in the world outside.

    We can work together for a debt-free world here and now!