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The tgl Charter

The tgl Charter is a pledge of honesty we ask all our members to agree to when they join the site. It simply states that people will act honourably and honestly when using the software or any activity generated from it. This helps us keep tgl a safe and secure environment for everyone, both online as well as in the real world.

As local communities develop their own Hubs and Towns they can take a license to begin administrating tgl software on a local basis. Our goal is to train communities to be able to run the software themselves, moderating content locally, placing trust and responsibility within real people and communities. The tgl Charter helps communities to build open, trusted and co-operative networks, as members agree that if they break the Charter their tgl and L Accounts may be suspended.

    By accepting this charter and joining tglhubs.com, I pledge to:

  • Support and uphold the Vision, Values and Mission
  • Treat other people with the respect and honesty that I wish for myself
  • Provide support and guidance to other members whenever possible
  • Protect and care for the species and ecology of our planet
  • At all times foster the principles of social and economic justice
  • Actively support the principles of equality, non-violence and peace
  • Accept the right of the hub management to suspend or cancel my membership
    should I be in breach of this Charter